Short notice, 7-day site inspections

The safest way to ensure your scaffolding is compliant with current Working at Height Regulations and TG20 is to have it regularly inspected by an independent, fully qualified scaffolding inspector every seven days.

There is no doubt that your current inspections teams are suitably trained and experienced at checking that the scaffolding has been erected exactly to the design drawings. However, GWC’s inspection team has found that – more often than not – the erected scaffold has been modified to suit site conditions and therefore will differ from the design drawing. This is where we really make a difference.

Our experienced team of qualified engineers, advanced scaffold Inspectors and scaffolders will work with you to provide peace of mind. They will inspect, advise, sign off and hand over a scaffold that may differ from the original drawing or sit outside current technical guidance documentation. They can ensure that designs are revised to show any modifications are regulation compliant. This unrivalled expertise is unlikely to be offered by your current Inspectors.

Our inspections team can provide:

  • Full site inspection and review of current drawings or design packages
  • A job-specific report with itemised areas of inspected works, photographic evidence and supporting comments and recommendations
  • Supporting Engineering Design Confirmations or Site Inspection Certificates


We work collaboratively with our clients and as part of the relationships we build, we will look at overall cost savings, particularly if we are engaged across multiple projects or if our clients use a combination of our services.

Why use us for your inspections?

There are many advantages of using GWC Inspections, which include:

  • Our no-nonsense, flexible and logical approach to all projects
  • Our team are all experienced and qualified ex-scaffolders and engineers, so understand your needs
  • Preventing costly, as-built, revisions to designs and calculations that have already been undertaken
  • Reducing unnecessary snagging costs
  • Reducing the impact on the construction programme, caused by the scaffold being put out of service until either the drawing is revised or the scaffolding has been modified to suit the drawing
  • Our unrivalled reliability and consistent quality

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