We work on the most technically challenging and time-critical projects

GWC’s design team works on the most technically challenging and time-critical scaffolding projects, providing bespoke and cost-effective solutions for all types of scaffolding structures, protection and access requirements.

Combining deep practical experience and university-level engineering qualifications with a common-sense approach, we design traditional and system scaffolds that are fit for purpose. While complying with the latest EU regulations and British standards, we take an innovative approach to deliver the optimum solution for each client brief.

We can offer a complete design package for clients whose needs extend beyond the scope of ‘Basic Scaffolds’ (NASC guidance TG20), including design drawings using the latest state of the art technology, frame analysis programmes and associated design-specific wind & load calculations – all with rapid turnaround times.

We have extensive experience and knowledge within many safety critical sectors such as Network Rail and London Underground. We can offer both CAT 2 and CAT 3 design checks in accordance with BS5975 and can also provide a step-by-step walkthrough of each respective industry’s design protocols.

All our work is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £5 million.

We offer design services for many needs including:

  • Traditional independent and system scaffolding
  • High level cantilevered and suspension scaffolds
  • Heavy-duty support and shoring
  • Temporary roofs and canopies
  • Public and site stairways, staging and media structures
  • Powered hoist, mast climbing supports and cradle systems
  • Hoardings and other free-standing structures
  • Advertising, banners, shrink wrap and other cladding support frames
  • TG compliance sheets
  • BS5975 CAT 3 design check

Category 2

CAT 2 design checks are carried out by our engineering team. As required by BS5975 regulations, we ensure that the checker has not been involved in the original design.

These design checks are carried out on more complex or involved designs where stability is obtained by restraint at the top of the temporary works. They include designs where a considerable degree of interpretation of loading information is required, before the design of the foundation, excavation support or slope is carried out.

Independent Design Checking

Design checks are a vital part of health & safety requirements and we are committed to creating safe and compliant designs on all our projects, for all clients.

Category 3

When projects require a fully independent and comprehensive check to assure co-ordination of the whole design, we offer a quick turnaround service and the knowledge and understanding to provide the reassurances you need. These could be for basement excavations, tunnels, works close to railways or any other complex projects where there is a significant departure from standards and unusual designs are used. We scrutinise designs, and then carry out calculations and analyse the data to assure the design is fit for purpose. As part of our feedback process, the recommendations given are guided by project safety and are solution based.

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